Album Review: Nas – Untitled

22 07 2008

Disclaimer: This is my first ever album review. Don’t consider this a warning, consider it an accomplisment.

Nas – Untitled


It’s been 14 years since Queens Bridge MC Nas debuted with the classic album, Illmatic. Since 94′, Nas has been one of hip hop’s most original and prolific artists touching various subjects and kicking pure knowledge. Esco is back with his follow up to his last album Hip Hop Is Dead. While the title caused a raucous in the hip hop community and exposed the insecurity of artists’ music (unintentionally), Nas came with an even more controversial title, Nigger. Once the title was released to the public, controversy emerged in no time. Fellow music artists like Jay-z, Akon, and Alicia Keys supported the album titles message, but others like the NAACP opposed it. Eventually, the album title had to be changed in order to be released. Fans (including myself) were displeased with the album’s title removal, but we all know what the original title is.
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Seeing is Believing 7/21: New Young Jeezy feat. Kanye West, and Gym Class Heroes feat. Busta and More Vids.

22 07 2008

Young Jeezy feat. Kanye West – Put On

The Recession album due out September

I’m not the biggest Jeezy fan, but this joints nice. The message in the beginning about the economy is well appreciated. Gotta keep the community aware of whats goin on.

Gym Class Heroes feat. Busta Rhymes – Peace Sign/Index Down

I’m feelin this. Travis McCoy is slept on, dudes got a sick delivery. Isn’t it crazy that Busta’s been killin features since Scenario?

A.P.T. – Obama Obama (A Millie Remix)

Semi-old, but still fresh. Check the vid and vote for Obama in November!

Girls, Girls, Girls: Chick of the Week – 7/21: Ninci

22 07 2008

Her name is Ninci. She’s an aspiring singer who hails from Portland. This is a personal favorite of mine. Besides a pretty face, this Egyptian beauty’s got a dope personality and unique vocals and a great sense of humor. It’s rare to find a package like that these days, so I consider her acquaintance an honor. Click the link below to check out her music. Thank me later on for introducing you to the future of techno-r&b.
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Takin’ Em Back! – 07/21

22 07 2008

Bonita Applebum…ya gotta put me on! Now this is classic rite here. Go see A Tribe Called Quest at Rock the Bells Aug. 9th!

Officer Ross?

22 07 2008

Despite constant denials from rapper Rick Ross, details have emerged proving the entertainer worked as a corrections officer in the mid-90s.

According to, Department of Corrections records have been released showing the rapper (born William Leonard Roberts) worked as a prison guard for 18 months beginning in December 1995. Provided by DoC spokesperson Jo Ellyn Rackleff, Ross’ personal information including his Social Security number was verified and proved his employment.
Further details show he graduated from the DoC training academy where he was later assigned to the South Florida Reception Center in Dade County before leaving in June 1997. The facility is allegedly one of the three statewide locations which intakes new prisoners. He reportedly was earning a salary of $25,794.34 upon his departure.

When previously asked in a YouTube video if he had ever worked in a prison after being called out by fellow Miami rapper Trick Daddy, Ross responded “No, that’s not true.”
Ross was unavailable for comment at press time.

Taken from

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Rock The Bells 2008!

22 07 2008

The lineup has been out for a minute, but I’m posting this for those who missed it. This has gotta be the hottest show since the Glow In The Dark Tour brought to you by Kanye and co. Nas and A Tribe Called Quest alone is worth it, but when you throw in Ghost & Rae, Red & Meth, Rakim, and a slew of others, you got one hell of a show. Rock the Bells will take place August 9th at the Glen Helen Pavilion in San Bernadino (and yes, tickets are still on sale). I’ll be there, where will you be?

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