Dope or Nope 9/23: New Busta & Lupe Joints!

23 09 2008

Busta Rhymes feat. Ron Browz – Arab Money

The auto-tune has struck again! Busta hooks up with “Ether” producer Rob Browz for his latest single “Arab Money” off his forthcoming album Back On My Bullshit. Maybe this’ll grow on me, but as of right now it’s so-so. I liked “Dont Touch Me” much better than this.

Lupe Fiasco feat. Pharrell, Q-tip & Sarah Green – Paris, Tokyo Remix

Kind of late since The Cool has been out since December, but better late than never! The remix features CRS affiliate Pharrell, Q-Tip, and Lupe’s frequent hook lady, Sarah Green. Enjoy!

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Dope or Nope 9/22: New Murs feat. Snoop

22 09 2008

Murs feat. Snoop Dogg & LaToiya Williams – Time is Now

This is a new joint off underground MC Murs upcoming album Murs For President. The presidential-themed project is receiving heavy promotion and is expected to drop September 30th. Murs doo is easily making him highly recognizable. Peep the track.

Click here to listen/download

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Seeing Is Believing 9/22: New Nas, Ne-Yo, R. Kelly, & More Vids!

22 09 2008

On today’s vid’s…

Nas says “Ya’ll My Niggas”

Ne-Yo, Jamie Foxx, & Fab make somethin for the “Independent Misses”

R. Kelly drops a new video

Ryan Leslie, Fab & Cassie talk about “Addictions”
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Girls, Girls, Girls: Chick of the Week 9/22 – Jessica Lucas

22 09 2008

I’ve been on this chick since Cloverfield. Jessica Lucas made the chick of the week, not only because of her sexiness, but her bday is this week (a day after mine to be exact, those Libra women are the best). This bi-racial beauty is definitely slept on, so I felt it was necessary to take the time out to bring your attention to her.

Best News I Heard All Day: Travis Barker & DJ Am Expected To Recover

22 09 2008

Travis Barker and DJ AM are expected to recover from late Friday’s plane crash in South Carolina. The tragic plane crash killed four people with DJ AM and Travis Barker being the only two survivors. The two miraculously survived, suffering second and third degree burns. A tire blowout is under investigation as to why this tragedy occured. God was definitely with them, and keep them in your prayers.

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Dope or Nope 9/19: New Diddy

19 09 2008

Diddy – S.L.P. (Swagger Like Puff)

Yesterday Diddy upped one of his popular “Diddy Blogs” that he posts on a weekly basis. His latest Diddy Blog features his rendition of the post-summer banger “Swagger Like Us”, but renamed to “Swagger Like Puff”.
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UPDATE: Faizon Love Fires Back At Funk Flex

19 09 2008

If you missed the blog yesterday with Funk Flex ethering Kellz about his teenage love, click here. Faizon Love (Friday, 3 Strikes, Don’t Be a Menace, etc.) dropped this footage of him telling Funk Flex to mind his own business. Check the vid below:

Seems like the latest fad in the industry is to post controversy via YouTube. I find Faizon’s video to be a bit contradicting. He’s going at Flex for not minding his own business, but Faizon Love randomly got himself involved in the “controversy”. I just call it how I see it.

Takin’ Em Back – 9/19

19 09 2008

2pac – Dear Mama

Seeing that I have to swoop my distant Moms from LAX tonight, it’s only right that I post this. Some classic Pac for ya!

Mixtape Madness: Julez Santana Presents Skull Gang

19 09 2008

Juelz Santana – Skull Gang Takeover

There’s been alot of mixtapes dropping this week and you can now add Juelz’ entourage “The Skull Gang” to the list. This mixtape introduces the Skull Gang to the hip hop scene and features appearances from Jim Jones & Lil Wayne.

News: Funk Flex Goes In On R. Kelly

19 09 2008

Recently R. Kelly sat down with BET to do his first interview since he was found not guilty. What sparked a little bit of controversy is the fact that the Pied Piper was asked if he likes teenage girls, and he responded with “what exactly do you mean by teenage?”. Whether he was trying to be funny or not, Funk Flex had some words for him. Check the BET R. Kelly Interview below:

Here’s what Funk Flex had to say to Kellz:

Some real talk!

For kicks here’s the classic R. Kelly episode from The Boondocks!