Seeing is Believing 12/18: New Jeezy, Charles Hamilton & Tyga Vids!

18 12 2008

Here’s whats poppin’ in the video world…

Jeezy asks “Who Dat?”, Charles Hamilton and his “Brooklyn Girls”, and Tyga can’t believe they “Saying This”

Hit the link to peep the vids.

Young Jeezy – Who Dat?

Fourth video off The Recession. I’m still waiting to see the anticipated “My President” video with Nas.

Charles Hamilton – Brooklyn Girls

This joints been out for a minute, but it is indeed a hot one. If you’ve been sleeping on the Hamiltonization Process, be sure to hit up the archive to check out some of Charles Hamilton’s work. Soulja Boy’s “rival” is one of the most original new artists to hit the scene.

Tyga – Saying This

The lil dude is steppin’ it up, this is far better than Coconut Juice. No hate here though.



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