Takin’ Em Back – Mack 10 – Backyard Boogie

22 05 2009

Since Summer is almost here and pool parties have been poppin off lately, it’s only right I hit you with this throwback Mack 10 video for “Backyard Boogie”. After 12 years, this joint still sounds nice making me miss 90’s West Coast music.

Charles Hamilton Gets “Styled On” by a Girl

22 05 2009

It seems that Charles Hamilton has a way of pissing people off with his words. First it was Soulja Boy, then it was Rhymefest, now a friendly battle between Charles and his lady friend gets ugly after a line he dropped. It’s obvious Charles hit it and she gets heated after he puts it out there. Peep the vid below:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Lakers Take a L, Western Finals Tied 1-1

21 05 2009

Unfortunately the Lakers lost Game 2 of their series against Denver. Kobe and the Lakers were off to an excellent start but couldn’t hold the lead during the second half. After a tight fourth quarter, Luke Walton made a horrible attempt to tie the game by passing it to Derek Fisher who obviously missed since it didn’t lead to an overtime. The Nuggets took the lead with a score of 103-106.
Game 3 will be this Saturday in Denver.

Album Review: Method Man & Redman – Blackout! 2

21 05 2009


One of the rare occurrences in Hip Hop today is collaboration albums. Numerous solo albums filled with guest appearances have been released over the decade, but rarely do you see collaborative albums. Breaking this rare trend is the dynamic duo Method Man and Redman with their sequel to their platinum album Blackout! During their ten year hiatus, the two made a cult classic comedy, released two albums separately, and even had a short sitcom on Fox. The duo’s solo albums were both received as average, excluding Method Man’s commercial attempt Tical 0 which received bad reviews. Now with Hip Hop’s Cheech & Chong reunited, will the album spark more than the solo efforts, or will the album be another “Method & Red”?
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Best News I Heard All Day: New Wu-Tang Album Coming Soon!

20 05 2009

Wu Tang Clan Chamber MusicI came across an ad for the legendary Wu-Tang Clan’s sixth studio album titled Chamber Music. Many people, including myself had no idea that a new Wu album was in the works, but apparently it is and is scheduled to be released June 30th. The last album 8 Diagrams was released in 2007 and the group experienced difficulties coming to an agreement about the music. Hopefully the unity is heavy on this project and it will be just as dope as their debut and some of their solo albums like Ironman.
There are also more solo albums coming from the Wu-Tang camp with Raekwon’s sequel to the classic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx dropping August 11th, and a new Method Man album dropping this Fall titled Crystal Meth.

Lakers Take Game 1!

19 05 2009

Nuggets Lakers Basketball
Lakers beat the Denver Nuggets 105-103 in an excellent game 1. Based off today’s game this will obviously be a tough series, but it can potentially be the best series since the Bulls vs. Celtics in round 1. Big ups to Trevor Ariza for that last minute steal resulting in the victory.

Album Review: Busta Rhymes – Back on My B.S.

19 05 2009


In the early 90’s Busta Rhymes emerged onto the rap scene with his groundbreaking hit “Woo Hah (Got You All in Check)”. Busta brought outstanding energy and excitement to hip hop and maintained the momentum throughout his career specializing in party friendly music. Many LP’s later, Busta tries add more of an edge to his content with his Aftermath debut The Big Bang. Despite branding himself the “Godfather of the Club Banger”, Busta switched his style up a bit to break away from the “animated” stereotype he was receiving and balancing both club songs and street music. His eighth album Back on My B.S. (cleverly abbreviated as BOMBS) is Bussa Bus’ attempt to revert back to his charismatic style of music and have less of the street feel that The Big Bang provided.
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Quick News – T.I. Redeems Himself With a Short Sentence, 5/19 Hip Hop Releases

19 05 2009

TI GunLike usual celebrity sentences, T.I. gets his reduced to 2 months due to his agreement to do house arrest, community service, including his MTV docureality show Road to Redemption. Initially Tip was supposed to do a 366 day sentence for a weapon charge and the huge reduction proves that money talks.

Today was one of the first major release dates for hip hop in a while. Eminem dropped his highly anticipated Relapse album, Busta Rhymes got Back on his BS, and Method Man and Redman release their follow up to their Blackout! album. It’s obvious that Eminem is going to lead the sales with his reputation for chart topping albums and is slated to move around 300k units at Best Buy retailers alone for the first week. Method Man and Redman fall into second place on the sales estimates with Busta in third place. As the week goes on we’ll get a better idea of what the first week progresses. I copped Blackout! 2 and Relapse, which ones will you be getting?

Dope or Nope 5/19 – New 50 Cent!

19 05 2009

50 Cent – Okay You’re Right (Radio Rip)


As promised, the “Three Headed Monster” campaign continues. Originally 50 was supposed to drop an album, then Em, and finally Dre. The order switched up with Em dropping his album today, making Fif next in line. First it was “Get Up”, then “I Get It In”, and now 50 drops his next supposed single for his fourth album, Before I Self Destruct “Okay, You’re Right” produced by Dr. Dre.
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R.I.P. Dolla (1987-2009)

19 05 2009

Dolla-music-j01Yesterday, Konvict Muzik artist Dolla as shot and killed at the Beverly Center parking lot in Beverly Hills. He is most known for his debut single with T-Pain “Who The F*ck Is That”, and we was working on his debut album Dolla & a Dream. The unfortunate incident took place after a fight broke out with witnesses stating to see a woman firing a handgun.