Seeing is Believing 7/25: New video from The Game

25 07 2008

The Game feat. Travis Barker – Dope Boys

The Game’s follow up single to Game’s Pain. This is the second single from L.A.X. (due Aug 26th). I’m definitely checkin for the album after hearing this and My Life feat. Lil Wayne (featured below).

Quick News: Diddy Engaged, Nas vs. Bill O’Reilly, and More!

25 07 2008

Cassie and Diddy Rumored to be Engaged

I’m not a hater, but I’m hatin! I’m jokin but I give props to Puff for takin one of the baddest chicks off the market. Though they’ve been engaged since early June, it was supposed to be on the low, but in the entertainment industry, there’s no such thing as a secret. There’s no set date for the marriage between the two.

Bill O’Reilly Gets At Nas

On July 23rd, Nas participated in a boycott started by and protesting Fox News and Bill O’Reilly. Prior to that, Nas also released a song on his album titled “Sly Fox” expressing his thoughts on Fox and Bill’s blatant racist remarks that are targeted towards African Americans and Barack Obama. Apparently Bill O’Reilly is aware of Nas’ actions and had some words to say. Check the video below…

Sounds like Mr. O’Reilly is salty about Nas speaking up. Instead of ignoring Nas like he says people should do, he shows his unprofessionalism with a short segment of him taunting Nas and attempting to embarass him announcing “low” first week album sales. He makes it seem as if Nas’ aim were to sale as many records as possible, but he is just aiming to get his message out.

More Rick Ross Pics Emerge!

Okay not official flicks, but just some funny ass Photoshop’d joints. Check the pics & vid below.

Dope or Nope 7/25: New Game feat. Lil’ Wayne

25 07 2008

The Game feat. Lil Wayne – My Life

This is the third single off of L.A.X. (due out August 26th). From the singles I’ve heard, this should be a hot album. Cool-n-Dre produced this Lil’ Wayne featured banger. The video will be out next month. What yall think?
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Seeing is Believing 7/23: New Gnarls Barkley, DJ Khaled feat. Rick Ross & others, and Plies Videos

24 07 2008

Gnarls Barkley – Who’s Gonna Save My Soul
This video is from left field, but I’m feelin’ it. The heart scene reminds me of that famous scene from Alien/Spaceballs. Check out the J’s on the heart. If you’ve been sleepin’ on The Odd Couple album, you definitely need to check it out. Its one of the better and innovative albums that dropped this year.

Dj Khaled feat. Rick Ross, Plies, Trick Daddy, Boosie, and Ace Hood

This track is decent. But seriously, did we need another one of these Khaled and friends joints? As if “We Takin Over”, “Im So Hood”, “100 Million Dollars” and others weren’t enough. What happened to Lil’ Wayne’s verse? We Global will be in stores Sept. 16th.

Plies feat. Jamie Foxx and The Dream – Please Excuse My Hands

The self-proclaimed goon is back with his third single from Defninition of Real. This joint features vocals from The Dream & Jamie Foxx. Another track for the ladies.

Takin’ Em Back! – 07/23

24 07 2008

Camp Lo – Luchini (This is it)

Yall remember this shit? This is one of the illest beats I ever heard and the lyrics are abstract. On a sidenote, what happened to these dudes? They had a couple of other nice tracks like “Coolie High” and “Black Nostaljack”.

News: Detox Dropping in the Fall?

24 07 2008

I was a lil skeptical about posting this since Detox is slowly turning into a hip hop myth. Dr. Dre sat down with USA Today to discuss his final project and how he plans to release it in the Fall of this year (November or December to be exact). The project is said to feature the “usuals” (I’m assuming Snoop, Em, and 50), Lil’ Wayne (who is rumored to ghostwrite for Dre on Detox), Jay-z, and Nas.

Detox has been in discussion since Eminem’s Encore which was released in 2004. On the song titled “Encore” which features Dr. Dre and 50 Cent, Eminem says “Don’t worry about Detox, its comin'”. Shortly after in 2005, on The Game’s “Higher”, Dr. Dre says himself “look out for Detox!”. Seeing that The Chronic came out in ’92, Chronic 2001 came out in ’99, we’re due for a new Dre project. The westcoast needs this right about now.

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GameFly: NBA Live ’09

24 07 2008

NBA Live looks like the next-generation of NBA games. Check the trailer, shit looks sick. I guess us Laker fans can redeem ourselves from our ’08 loss.

News: Nas Debuts at #1 & Supports a Movement!

23 07 2008

Nas’ latest LP debuts at #1 on the charts moving 180,947 units. That’s pretty damn good considering the commotion he went thru trying to get the title accepted and the late promotion. Call Untitled/Nigger a gimmick if you want, Nas just had to get some shit off his chest.

Nas – Sly Fox

In other Nas news, life imitates art with the boycott of Fox news. If you’ve been under a rock, Nas has a song titled “Sly Fox” addressing the blatant racism and from Fox News and Bill O’Reilly (please check the video above). Nas has joined the boycott of Fox News that was started by and The petition has over 600,000 signatures and the boycott will take place tomorrow at 2pm at Fox’s headquarters in Manhattan, New York.

I’m liking this movement right here. I feel if something obviously isn’t right, we as a people definitely have to bring it to attention. If we don’t say a word this ignorance will continue. Joking about Obama’s assassination, calling his wife “Obama’s baby mama”, and debating a lynching party for Michelle Obama; is it me or should prejudice statements like that not even be allowed on the air? Good luck with this one.

Album Review: Nas – Untitled

22 07 2008

Disclaimer: This is my first ever album review. Don’t consider this a warning, consider it an accomplisment.

Nas – Untitled


It’s been 14 years since Queens Bridge MC Nas debuted with the classic album, Illmatic. Since 94′, Nas has been one of hip hop’s most original and prolific artists touching various subjects and kicking pure knowledge. Esco is back with his follow up to his last album Hip Hop Is Dead. While the title caused a raucous in the hip hop community and exposed the insecurity of artists’ music (unintentionally), Nas came with an even more controversial title, Nigger. Once the title was released to the public, controversy emerged in no time. Fellow music artists like Jay-z, Akon, and Alicia Keys supported the album titles message, but others like the NAACP opposed it. Eventually, the album title had to be changed in order to be released. Fans (including myself) were displeased with the album’s title removal, but we all know what the original title is.
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Seeing is Believing 7/21: New Young Jeezy feat. Kanye West, and Gym Class Heroes feat. Busta and More Vids.

22 07 2008

Young Jeezy feat. Kanye West – Put On

The Recession album due out September

I’m not the biggest Jeezy fan, but this joints nice. The message in the beginning about the economy is well appreciated. Gotta keep the community aware of whats goin on.

Gym Class Heroes feat. Busta Rhymes – Peace Sign/Index Down

I’m feelin this. Travis McCoy is slept on, dudes got a sick delivery. Isn’t it crazy that Busta’s been killin features since Scenario?

A.P.T. – Obama Obama (A Millie Remix)

Semi-old, but still fresh. Check the vid and vote for Obama in November!